Douglas Merrill delivers informative and energetic speeches to audiences around the world on innovation, personal and workplace organization, and information security. To learn more about booking Douglas for a public speaking engagement, please contact David Lavin at the Lavin Agency.

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Speaking Topics:

The Office of the Future: Working with Technology for a More Productive Workplace

In this talk, Douglas Merrill offers a resonant look at how to incorporate new technologies into your workplace. For companies such as Google, technology at work is a major advantage. But for others, new technologies startle. They hamper efficiency. They distract. 

How do you use new digital tools to get more organized and get more from the tools you already use? Merrill, the former CIO of Google, in charge of 1,500 employees, offers practical, often counterintuitive solutions. He outlines how to build flexible and efficient teams that innovate faster -- teams that are happier, less distracted, better able to navigate the avalanche of information they face daily. 

For all the talk about technology, though, Merrill doesn't lose sight of the human elements of ingenuity, interaction and work-life balance that drive all great companies. Perfect for any industry, this is an energetic, practical keynote on how to make companies, and the talent that drives them, more focused, productive and competitive.

Innovate or Die: Building a Culture of Strategy and Innovation

Douglas Merrill provides a rare look into how Google fosters its renowned culture of innovation. In a fast-paced talk, he contrasts Google's strengths with those of other companies that are struggling to stay relevant. The best companies know that innovation is a process you can learn and implement. 

Merrill lays out a blueprint for innovation as strategy, as culture. How do you foster ideas in their infancy? What corporate structures drive innovations, and which ones get in the way? And how do you recognize the innovation that's already happening in your organization? Innovation, he shows us, is already happening at your organization, at every organization. But the mediocre companies kill it unwittingly. 

Having championed innovation at Google, Merrill demonstrates, with striking clarity, how to design a different kind of company -- one where culture, strategy and innovation are interrelated and drive massive, sustainable growth.

About Douglas:

The former Chief Information Officer at Google, Douglas Merrill championed innovation at the company as it grew from Internet start up into one of the world's most admired organizations. He brings to his keynotes a rich real world perspective on innovation as strategy and culture while delivering an overview of how new technologies have changed the way we live, and the way we work. Informed, passionate and brilliantly counterintuitive, Merrill now helps companies around the world learn how to build their own sustainable cultures of innovation.

Douglas Merrill is the former CIO and VP of Engineering at Google, where he oversaw a team of 1,500, as well as all aspects of technology, and several high profile projects, one of which, Google Checkout, is now multi-billion dollar business. Merrill has also served as COO of New Music at EMI Group, and as VP of Infrastructure and HR Strategy at Charles Schwab. In academia, he was an Information Scientist at the RAND Corporation. He holds a Ph.D. in cognitive science from Princeton and is the author of Getting Organized in the Google Era: How to Get Stuff Out of Your Head, Find It When You Need It, and Get It Done Right.